Chris Mayfield

Chris got involved in autocross back in 2003, attending events but not driving. At the time he wasn't prepared (automotively or financially) to begin competing. Shortly after the end of the 2003 season some other life responsibilities pulled Chris in many other directions.

Fast forward to February of 2007, when Hsun mentioned that he should give driving a try. Not thinking twice, Chris agreed and has been to every RMSOLO event since that time. For the first couple events Chris was just getting up to speed and learning the car, but quickly caught on to some key points to getting through an autocross course in a hurry. His focus this season has been on optimizing his 1997 BMW M3 for STU competition, as well as improving his own (bad) driving habits to become more competitive.

Chris plans to attend most RMSOLO events next season as well as getting involved in the SCCA Time Trials program. He also plans to progress into Regional and National-level competition next season.




97 BMW M3
94 STU

94 STU



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