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Dragged in by friends early in 2007, I joined Autocross racing less than two weeks after purchasing a newer, quicker, more reliable, and most importantly; more competitive vehicle. Ever since that cold day in February, I have yet to miss any autocross events. The 2002 MR2 has held up amazingly well to all the abuse, and for that I'm grateful. It's halfway through it's setup and my opinion of the car is higher than I ever thought it would be. It's the scalpel in the world of chainsaws.

The chainsaw was the previous car, a 1992 Celica Alltrac. One of 270 imported in 1992, the car came turbocharged and all-wheel drive. Like most turbocharged powerhouses, the car responded well to mods. For several years, the car received excessive amounts of maintainance, including that which made the car even better. In it's final outfit, the car had every bolt-on power-adder available for such a rare vehicle, in addition to the regular suspension bits. Prized parts included custom refinished enkei wheels, outfitted with tires that would make any WRC driver pround, and a handbuild Abbey Road Intercooler mounted above the motor. In the end, the car was too heavy and too outdated to really be what I wanted it to be. It saw a few track days in it's time, but nothing at all serious or competitive.

Racing cars is and has been appealing to me for as long as I can remember. As a former engineering student and a current nerd of many standards I can't resist figuring out how cars work, even if it means pulling them apart into their components and rebuilding them, oftentimes better than originally. This habit starts with the mechanical work, and eventually evolves into motorsport competition, and that's where it's currently at for me. Amateur level, yes, but as a college student, I can't afford my daily ramen without working for it.

Aside from the automotive addiction, I'm also an avid beer fan. I work as an investigative technician part-time, attend college full time to obtain whatever degree I end up with when I decide I want to escape.


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